Corporate ( Annual Awards )

The purpose of an annual dinner / corporate dinner / annual awards is to bring together leaders of the company and help form productive relationships within the company. It is an important event for the company to take this opportunity to reward or take it as a token of appreciation towards the company staff. We come in place to make a memorable night for the company by imputing ideas, entertainment as well as theme party to make a night of relaxation after a hardworking year.

Wedding / Anniversary

Wedding is often a romantic task for us. We as an event team help to burden off your hectic by providing services ranging from planning, decorating as well as organizing. Our task is not only bringing in ideas but to help to embark the couple to a beautiful and remarkable journey of life.

Anniversary for couple mark a dot to celebrate!
We love to hear the wonderful journey of a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. It is not easy to walk through with your partner throughout all the ups and downs. A celebration is where you inspire others about your story. An event team is to help to bring out the couple’s story in a short dinner. Sharing, joy and laughter often sprinkle around the event and we are always ready to make a memory lane of the couple, reminding them the day of their wedding.


Performing Arts

Performing arts play a major role for a successful event. It is an art forms in which artists use their bodies, voices, expression to interact with the audience. This group of people who involves in performing arts will be called performers. Comedians, dancers, magicians, musicians or even singers all are being categorized in this section. Without these people, audience will not feel as comfortable throughout an event. We in the event team, on the other hand will handle the group accordingly based on different event purposes in order to engage with different group of audiences.

Launching / Opening Gimmick

OPENING / LAUNCHING means a brand new start! Launching gimmick and special opening makes the company standout from others. We help to bring out the icon of the company during the launch. Different kind of gimmick help to bring out different productivity. We do customized gimmick based on different products and we help to organize from A-Z throughout the company launching. (Food & Beverages, Canopy, and etc)


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